Friday, October 7, 2011

Funny but still want to try..peace...

When I close my eyes will always see you took my hand towards the light, and I never doubted what I think about you.
I know I'm is not perfect. I knew I was not the best .. I know I did not belong to the person selected, but I was trying to be perfect for you. The best in your life and be selected in your hearts.

with me through this wave
s. I would be paralyzed without you. If I'm sick, I want to get sick with love for you. If I die, I want to die with love you. I will never promised heaven for you, even though they never promised the angel of heaven for you, but I promise, I will try to repair themselves. Will always try to love you ... from the first till my last breath .. please forgive me for the everything what i did..

notchumels : Tolong jangan muntah ye..saya sedang belajar bahasa inggeris untuk amik MUET..hahaha..

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