Thursday, October 13, 2011

Push Up!!

Sedang paksa diri makan...
I try to imagine, now i was in Star Cruise Ship..viewing the deep blue sea..eating the most delicious steaks in the world..
Sengal kan..

Plizlah tekak..tolonglah telan apa yang tangan ni sumbat not be shy ok & my heart, plez don't cry anymore...i'm just want eating but not thinking..
dah rasa kecut sendi2 ni..

Don't think!!..don't think!!..Just follow the direction..but Allah alwez besides me..bcoz..i'm feeling better when u make me smile..

Dihari kelahiran..Jumaat yang mulia...saya bermohon...semoga semuanya back to normal..
Please give me just once time..
From the bottom of my heart..I will prove to be the best..

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